Concept Capsules: The Interactive, Research-based Strategy for Teaching Academic Vocabulary

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Supercharge your vocabulary instruction. Engage learners. See incredible results right away. Here’s how.

You’ve got vocabulary instruction books on the shelves. You may have attended professional development about how to teach vocabulary. You know that a solid understanding of academic vocabulary is mission critical for student achievement.

Yet somehow, it’s still a struggle.

• Students still confuse or misunderstand important concepts.

• They solve math problems incorrectly, not because they didn’t know how to do the computation, but because they didn’t fully own the terms they needed to know.

• You spend time, but your students aren’t getting the results they need.

Here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for. It’s a simple, engaging (Dare we say fun?) method for teaching the academic vocabulary your students need in a way that works.

It’s a research-based method that’s been tried and tested with students just like yours in classrooms just like yours.

The examples are specifically directed at grades 4 - 12, but you can adapt for your students' needs.

Your days of worrying about your students’ understanding of key terms are over.

Welcome to Concept Capsules™, the method you’ve been waiting for.

Learn the simple, research-based strategy that works for all content areas across a wide range of grade levels. Promise.

In this book, you will discover:

• Everything you need to implement this proven, time-tested, research-based method seamlessly

• The neuroscience behind why it works

• Strategies you can use for things other than vocabulary (you may never look at quizzes the same again)

• Step-by-step directions to replicate the method in your classroom

Remaster the mastery of academic vocabulary.

I want this!

Get your own downloadable and printable copy of the book, with its ready-to-use templates for your classroom!

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Concept Capsules: The Interactive, Research-based Strategy for Teaching Academic Vocabulary

6 ratings
I want this!