Depth and Complexity Ebook Bundle! Question Stems and Quick Guide

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Get both Depth and Complexity Ebooks in one bundle at a great price! You'll navigate the Depth & Complexity framework with ease with these two ebooks that put the power of Depth and Complexity at your fingertips.

You'll get the Question Stems E-book with a comprehensive list of terrific questions you can use right away to raise thinking levels in your classroom AND you'll get the Depth & Complexity Quick Guide that makes applying the framework in your classroom a breeze.

Would you like to have the resources other teachers are saying this about?

  • "This is exactly what I've been looking for! This guide makes using the Depth and Complexity icons so easy to implement in the classroom. Thank you!

  • "WOW, just WOW! This is the tool I've always wanted! I HIGHLY recommend this to ALL teachers!"

  • "This is a perfect reference guide for Depth and Complexity. This will be an invaluable resource this year."

If the answer is YES!!!!, this is the perfect bundle for you!

I've taken all of the question stems from Gifted Guild’s Guide to Depth & Complexity and put them in this (very handy) ebook. I've also created a terrific Quick Guide to help you use Depth and Complexity easily and quickly.

☀️ Let’s put the power of Depth & Complexity in your hands. Literally.

In the Question Stems ebook, you'll get:

  • All of the questions from the original book organized by Depth & Complexity element and content imperative so you can skip right to the thinking prompt you want to use

  • Specific questions for core content areas, allowing you to hone in on your particular content area needs

  • Questions for different disciplinarian areas so you can implement this underutilized powerhouse

  • Extra questions not included in the book (because I can’t resist writing questions and doesn’t even try)

In the Quick Guide Ebook, you'll get:

Two-page layouts for each of the 11 thinking prompts, beautifully laid out in an easy-to-read format so you can see at a glance what the element is for and what it can do for your students

One-page layouts for each of the 5 Content Imperatives so you can quickly see what they go with and how to use them

→ Short explanations of what the thinking prompts are, what they do, how they impact thinking, and how to implement them in classroom practice

Sample question stems for each prompt so you can design lessons with ease

Examples from the four core content areas of how to implement Depth & Complexity in your classroom so you can get ideas specifically tailored to your content

→ Suggestions for how to pair elements of Depth and Complexity together

→ A short guide to help you choose which elements to use in your class

Use it your way.

There are three great ways to use these ebooks to teach (there are probably more, but these are my favorites):

1. You can print them out and put the pages in a small notebook or binder.

2. You can print them out, laminate them, and connect the pages with a metal ring to create an easy access resource. (This is what I did, and I use it every day, even though I wrote it!)

3. You can leave the book as-is on your electronic device for easy access anytime, anywhere.

I promise, this is worth it. So go ahead. 

Put the power of Depth & Complexity in the palm of your hand.

[Special note: This is a set of two E-books licensed for one teacher only. Please email for bulk orders.]

* Sections for Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science

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You'll get two ebooks!

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Depth and Complexity Ebook Bundle! Question Stems and Quick Guide

4 ratings
I want this!